Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baroque-ing in Athens

It was one of those nights that you leave the office exhausted, everything around you says "Go home!" and a couple of hours later you thank God for obeying to your impulse and for attending a marvelous concert.

Christophe Dumaux
, rising star among counter-tenors, together with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra under Pietra Müllejans performed a Tutto-Haendel program and put a spell on us.

Christophe Dumaux displays a wonderful, even throughout it's tessitura voice, the registers' breaks are practically inaudible, his coloratura is flawless, his high notes are spectacular.

Here's what Christophe sang:

Rinaldo - Venti, turbini
Rinaldo - Abbruccio, avvampo e fremo
Amadigi di Gaula - T' amai, quant' il mio cor giá seppe amarti
Amadigi di Gaula - É si dolce il mio contento
Giulio Cesare - Va tacito e nascosto
Giulio Cesare - Se in fiorito ameno prato
Giulio Cesare - Empio, diró tu sei
Bis: Rinaldo - Cara Sposa

And the excellent Freiburg Baroque Orchestra:

Rinaldo - Sinfonia (Atto III)
Amadigi di Gaula - Overture
Concerto Grosso in D Minor HWV 316
Giulio Cesare - Overture
Giulio Cesare - Sinfonia (Atto III)
Water Music Suite No.1 in F Major, HWV 348

Watch/listen many videos of Christophe Dumaux here
or alternatively
listen to/download Christophe singing
Giulio Cesare - Va tacito e nascosto
(not the best performance of the night, however I <3 this aria)


Rinaldo - Cara Sposa


Perro Muerto said...

Plus, he's so cute

Anonymous said...

yeap, i totally agree. Ήταν ξεχωριστή βραδυά

mahler76 said...

ωραίο γκομενάκι!