Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hey Mr. DJ, put the record on! I wanna dance with my baby

Remember when Jonas Kaufmann called off his La Fenice Romeo a few weeks ago???

Eric Cutler was the lucky guy who got to sing in dreadful dreadlocks... to Milla Jovovich, oops, I meant Nino Machaidze who sings Leelo (Juliette, that is).

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Happy Birthday Juliette!!

Life in plastic! It's fantastic!

You still got time to make it to Venice! The show will be running till March the 1st!

Photos (c) Michele Crosera


Perro Muerto said...

Una amiga mía ha ido a verlo
Eric Cutler, vaya tenor de mierda

Willym said...

That sigh you heard was me! Thank you! You saved me from spending 500 euro.

mahler76 said...

καλέ φύγαμε το συζητάς?