Friday, April 17, 2009

A Gheorghiu at Mount Athos and another one in Chicago

Mein Vater trat nach dem Tod Elenas in ein Kloster ein. Er wurde Mönch am Berg Athos in Griechenland. Wir haben keinen Kontakt mehr zu ihm. Frauen haben dort keinen Zutritt. Er sagt, dass er für uns betet.

My father entered a monastery after Elenas's death (Angela's sister). He became a monk at Mount Athos in Greece. We have no contact with him. Women are not admitted there. He says that he prays for us.

Wer auf dieser Welt wusste überhaupt, dass in Chicago ein Opernhaus existiert, bevor ich dort rausgeschmissen wurde?

Who in the world knew at all that an Opera House exists in Chicago before they threw me out of there?

Both quotes from here


Willym said...

Oh Oh Oh - second quote I can answer that one Ms Gheorghiu!!!

You mean the place were Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland, Mirella Freni and that bunch of nothings sang? Yeah I think I may have heard of it before you didn't sing there!

Anonymous said...

Is she mad or is this her way of attracting people's attention even by talking nonsense?
No applause for her huge ego, anyway.