Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lord Arturo Talbo(t) in Recital

And while Athens is getting ready to welcome
I Puritani

in a co-production
of the Greek National Opera and of
De Nederlandse Opera of Amsterdam,

(starring among others
Bryan Hymel, Eglise Gutierrez,
Balint Szabó and
Giorgio Caoduro)

our Arturo, Bryan Hymel, will give a unique recital
at the Auditorium of the Theocharakis Foundation
on Sunday, April the 5th.

Copying from the website of the Foundation:

Bryan Hymel is one of the brightest singers of the international opera scene. Opera magazine has praised his “heroically strong tone” and his ‘excellent musical instinct”.

He will be in Athens to perform in Bellini’s “I Puritani” at the National Opera and will give a unique recital at the B & M Theocharakis Foundation with famous arias and songs.

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