Sunday, May 31, 2009

JDF: Theatres ask us to reduce our fees due to the crisis

In an interview to El País, our Juan Diego Flórez states:

"Pues algunos piden recortes de caché o que renuncies a alguno. Si cantas ocho funciones, cobrar siete, cosas así."

"Some theatres ask for reductions of our fees or to give up one...If you 're singing eight performances, (they ask you) to get paid for seven, stuff like that."

Well, with fees as high as JDF's, no wonder why :)

Our JDF will be singing in Athens on July the 20th, and the tickets...well, prepare yourselves to spend some good money for your ticket, if you want a decent seat.
(40 to 150 euros, nothing officially published yet but you know how I love to be the first to know da details, ughh).

And while in Athens the tickets fly high...

In Madrid, the most expensive tickets cost 72 euros

In Valladolid the most expensive tickets cost 70 euros.

In Istanbul, the most expensive tickets cost 300 L, about 135 euros

Did I hear someone say "credit crunch"?


mahler76 said...

well at least we have the 40 euro tickets to dream on....

teresa said...

It's the Internet's fault !...and of the sopranos of Eastern Europe !

Parsifal said...

The internet's fault? The sopranos of eastern europe?? Huh??? Nino? Netre?