Friday, May 8, 2009

With operas, my career is done: José Carreras announces his retirement from opera

In an interview to Times, José Carreras, one of the finest tenors of the 20th Century, announced what we already suspected: his retirement from opera.

The Spanish singer, 62, a survivor of leukaemia, declared that he can no longer withstand the rigours of performing principal roles, unamplified, to opera houses. “If I can do concert recitals, adapting the repertoire to my needs, then no problem, that’s good enough,” he said. “But with operas, unless the right circumstances come up, my career is done.”

Carreras will be awarded a Lifetime Achievement award at the Classical Brits on May 14 at the Albert Hall, probably presented by Placido Domingo.

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mahler76 said...

ε νομίζω ανεπίσημα αυτό είχε συμβεί εδώ και χρόνια.