Monday, June 15, 2009

Demofonte in Paris

Greek newspaper "To Vima"-Sunday edition, hosts in its pages a short article on Jommelli's Demofoonte and the performances that the piece already had had in Salzburg and the ones that have just commenced in Paris, of course under the direction of maestro Muti (Muti actually debuting at the Paris Opera!)

However, the author of the article overlooks
(due to ignorance I assume) that 2 Greek singers participate in this production .

Mario Zeffiri who's singing Demofoonte and
Irini Kyriakidou who's singing Cherinto,
both in the performance of June the 20th at the Palais Garnier de Paris.

Even if I wanted to justify this faux pas by the article writer, I'm pretty sure that if Mario Frangoulis -for example- was about to sing at some 3rd rate Casino of Las Vegas (coz that's the furthest he can get) he would definitely have made headlines...


Willym said...

Interesting that Paris is hearing a slightly different cast from what we got in Salzburg. I found the work itself boring - Jomelli is no Paisello as our darling OC reminded us. I kept wishing that Muti and his fine group of performers had turned their attentions to something else.

Anonymous said...

Riccardo Muti, the most brilliant conductor from the greek colony Neapolis, educated in the Lyceo Ateneo conducting an opera based on a greek story with two very good greek singers. What more could we ask for? Only to bring it here soon.
Zeffiri has been co-operating with the maestro very frequently for the last two years.
Best wishes to all the participants, specially on June 20th!

Fairy anonumous said...

Parsi hello, I like the end of your post !!!!!!

I would say 3rd rate Casino in Greek Paramethorios.....(maximum...)


PS Who goes tomorrow in Herode Atticus?