Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gheorghiu cancells, Myrtó Papatanasiu comes to the rescue (again!)

Myrtó and Jonas right after the performance

You already know that Angela pulled out of her Munich Traviata right after OC's visit (who wouldn't!)

You already know that Anja Harteros would replace La Gheorghiu.

****According to Parsi's VERY safe sources, Harteros was NOT supposed to replace Angela and Myrtó was asked to step in right after her cancellation****

What you don´t know is that Anja Harteros fell ill.

And when a greek girl falls ill, another greek girl comes to the rescue!

Myrtó Papatanasiu was called to replace Harteros on very short notice, flew from Athens a few hours before the performance and got a biiiiiig ovation!

Next to her, Jonas Kaufmann and Simon Keenlyside shone as Alfredo and Giorgio Germont.

Damn, wish I were there.


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Great voices, great people!!!
They really appreciate each other, and it shows.

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I understand today, 14 June at the Opera Chic website that Americah soprnao Elaine Alvarez has agreed to step in as the last minute replacement beginning with the upcoming Tuesday performance. Elaine Alverez was Gheorghiu's cover in Chicago when she was fired for skipping out of the "La Boheme" rehersal to be with husband Alagna in NY where he sang opposite Netrebko in "Romeo et Juliette." This is all very confusing!!!

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She cancelled the Tosca in Berlin, too... ;(