Sunday, August 9, 2009

30 years of Rossini Opera Festival


The XXX Edition of the Rossini Opera Festival, is opening tonight
with Zelmira and a fine,fine,fine cast!

Among them Juan Diego Flórez as Ilo, her Royal hawtness Kate Aldrich as Zelmira, Alex Esposito as Polidoro, Gregory Kunde as Antenore and Marianna Pizzolato as Emma.

Kate Aldrich

Venue: the Adriatic Arena

Catch a glimpse of what´s going on backstage at the Arena Adriatica

And note that Radio 3 will broadcast the premiere, live, tonight!

Till then, listen to Juandi singing Ilo's show-stopper "Terra amica"


cd said...

Thank you Parsifal for your radio link. I'm very greatful. I was dreaming of going to Europe this summer and make it to Zelmira. But I needed to get back in my reality. Thanks to technology and your blog, in a fiew hours, I will be listening and dreaming again.

Willym said...

Wish you were here to share the Festival with us! Tuesday is Comte Ory - my favorite; Wednesday Jaunito and Thursday Scala plus we're going to try and catch the Ewa Poddles concert before we leave on Sunday. Thanks for the excerpt - really whetting the apetite.