Sunday, August 2, 2009

Greek power @ Operalia 2009

Last year it was Elena Xanthoudakis to have won 2nd prize at the Operalia Competition, 2008 edition.

This time, Greek tenor Dimitrios (Dimos) Flemotomos, seems to have swept the boards at last night´s Operalia 2009 Competition, celebrated this year in Budapest, at the Budapest State Opera.

According to the latest news, Flemotomos has won the 2nd Prize of Operalia 2009,
the Rolex Audience Prize and the Zarzuela Prize amongst 13 final competitors who were accompanied by the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Placi himself.

The handsome young tenor from the island of Zante was the recipient of the 2007 Maria Callas scholarship and started off his career at the Greek National Opera singing in the "Opera for children" matinés.

***To be updated asap with video/audio from the finals***
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Placi with the two russian 1st Prize winners, Julia Novikova and Alexey Kudrya

Placi during the press conference


Kenderina said...

Looks like he also won the Audience Prize for male artists and the Zarzuela prize !!! This last one makes me willing to hear Spanish ;)

Also Kostas Smoriginas was in the contest, I like his voice very much. He made third place.

Parsifal said...

I saw that!!! Smoriginas only third??? Hmmmm, makes me wonder.

Lee Poulis was also among the 13, american of greek origin I think, and with quite a career already, but didnt qualify for the Prizes...

arisargiris said...

i heard Poulis as Germont in Bonn.
Beautiful voice, solid technic but NOT YET a Verdi voice...
and also he must work on his personality on stage ... it was a little bit boring ....
If he will allthese things he has for sure a great carrier in front of him.Kudrya was a big surprise for me!!!
I sung with him Lucia(he was Arturo). NOT a world class voic e and definitely NOT for a first price in Operalia.
Smoriginas will make cover Escamillo in Covent Garden next season. I think he is in theright path and i dont worry about him.
A price doesnt reflect the future always/.good morning!!!