Saturday, August 29, 2009

My kingdom for a Château Margaux

After being a meistersinger and a master of our ears and hearts, Bryn Terfel attempts to become a master sommelier.

Opera singer Bryn Terfel explores his love of wine and attempts to become a master sommelier. Taking a break from the stage, Bryn meets some of the world's finest wine experts and finds out what the role of sommelier involves, from tasting to service to food matching.

Featuring contributions from wine writer Sarah Ahmed, chief examiner for The Court of Master Sommeliers Brian Julyan, managing director of Cullen Wines Vanya Cullen, sommelier at Gidleigh Park Restaurant Edouard Oger, restaurant manager at High Timber Restaurant Neleen Strauss and Master of Wine at Berry Bros Alun Griffiths.

Listen to the BBC broadcast for 7 more days or download it from parsi's

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