Sunday, September 27, 2009

Angela. Again.

Hurricane-Angela is talking about everything you wanted to know and well, some of the things we were all trying to forget in an interview to Michael Church for The Independent.

The interview carries the title "My husband is jealous of my new leading man" but if you thought that this is the juiciest part of the interview...

"I just trusted my instinct, as I always have. In 20 years I have never made one mistake in following my instinct." Forty-year-old memories of Maria Callas in the role have been erased: "Now everybody accepts me as Tosca."

"First I cried, then I said, I'll call my lawyer. But then I thought – the press have a lot of imagination. So I say, thank you for the ideas! They call me 'Draculette' because I am from Romania. And they talk of Roberto and me as Bonnie and Clyde – OK! Those names are now the subject of operas. Draculette is already written, by an American composer, so I say to the press, thank you very much. Another composer is now writing Bonnie and Clyde – so, thank you again!" What about that oft-repeated tale of her demanding a make-up artist for a Radio 3 interview? "Lies!"

"In the beginning it was easier to sing with Roberto, when our repertoire was mostly the same, but then I began to sing with others, and in Roberto's mind there is jealousy," she says. "I'm a good colleague, I try to support him. But at the same time I am an opera singer, and I want a good result with everybody – if others want to sing with me, I try to give them the same. I need to feel free, to sing where I want, with who I want. I didn't marry Roberto to sing only with him. I must go ahead with my projects. And he is very upset."


Let's all thank Angela (Praise the Lord, Allelujah!) coz due to her
Forty-year-old memories of Maria Callas in the role have been erased"


Maria , Athens. said...

Yes, Ms Gheorghiu, everybody accepts you as Tosca but nobody has erased Maria Callas as The best Tosca ever!
You really need a good psycho- analysis and effort from your part to find peace of mind. Love yourself exactly as it is.
Callas was not any happier because she was the best singer. She confessed that she would prefer to have made a family of her own and have found happiness in the eyes and arms of a loving husband!
Vanity is not fair; it has never been and never will.

CR said...

No dearest Maria,

nobody accepts Adina as Tosca, Please do read the critic of the New York Times for the Karita Matila Tosca where he points out that she is no perfect Tosca but - he wonders - is there a real Tosca in our days? This should really puzzle us all...