Friday, September 11, 2009

Evviva il coltellino!

Cecilia Bartoli, opera-icon, has launched
a new micro-site for "Sacrificium",
her brand-new maxi-cd.

Those who laughed at first sight of the pretty provocative cover, will now probably have to swallow their venomous tongues as Ceci and Decca have prepared one more of the (now typical) Bartoli masterpieces.

While other opera stars spend their time socializing, drinking bubbly at parties or getting knocked up, Cecilia is doing serious research and this time she has gathered wonderful music by Porpora, Giacomelli, Caldara, Araia, Graun, Leo, Vinci, Handel and Broschi and promises to amaze us with the divinity of her singing.

Visit the site to listen to an edited version
of the Sacrificium tracks
or listen to 2 full tracks from the album
that 'lil ol Parsi 's got for u.

Download/Listen to Cecilia Bartoli in

Giacomelli - Sposa, non mi conosci

Francesco Araia - Cadró, ma qual si mira

Read La Scuola dei Castratti

or Evviva il coltellino! one of the enlightening texts about castrattos that can be found in the 100-page booklet ( a Castratto dictionary as La Bartoli calls it)

or alternatively watch the promotional video

Photo: Decca / Uli Weber


Anonymous said...

Αμάν! Η Μαρία Χούκλη!

Parsifal said...

Aei sto kalo, k spaw to kefali mou na skeftw ti mou 8ymizei...