Friday, September 18, 2009

Tosca spoiler !!!

"She runs into a tower and a body double jumps out of the stage right side.

She's in a harness and the lights go out as she is suspended in mid-air.

Unfortunately, the lights took a little too long to go out, so the jump didnt make the effect it could have"

As if this was the only problem of the dress-rehearsal of Tosca at the Met...

Listen to Karita Mattila in trouble
(towards the end)


Andrés said...


Wonderful news! I want to see this new Tosca production in the MET, but I have to wait until it will be transmited in HD on October 10th, but your post gave a little idea of this.

In the audio, I don't know why Mattila breaks down her voice, I hope that in the MET Opening Gala won't be like this.

Please visit my blog, maybe you'll like it.

Best regards!

Parsifal said...

hey there!

I've already visited your blog in the past :)

Rumour has it that Mattila was not a lot better during rehearsals but I still hope for the run of performances..