Thursday, October 8, 2009

La Ceci launches Sacrificium - updated

If you already own a copy of Sacrificium then you 're probably doing the exact same thing during the last few days: Listening to it over and over again and repeating what for Parsi is the top track on the album,

Antonio Caldara's "Quel buen pastor son io" from his sacred opera seria
La morte d’Abel figura di quella del nostro
(text by Metastasio, 1732)

The CD is a typical Bartoli masterpiece, with mainly great moments -although the Bartoli manierisms are omnipresent, the mechanical coloratura that drives some people crazy, the scooping, the hysteria etc. Who gives a damn? This is the result of a most serious research for the music of i castrati and La Bartoli has the way to communicate her story to the whole world, via the spectacular double-CD edition with the 108 pages booklet - a Castrati Compendium full of historic data and full sung texts and translation but above all via her spectacular voice, her extrovert singing, her stupendous virtuosity.

"Her album was recently launched in front of a select audience of journalists at Case(r)ta, near Naples. At the event Cecilia performed a selection of arias from the new album and wore some amazing dresses designed specially for her."

The Concert, the post-concert reception


Watch 2' of the launching night in a mediocre-quality video


Mei said...

Looking forward to see her on stage...!

Just two months...!

Anonymous said...

She's a phenomenon. We are lucky to experience and follow her artistry.

Irina said...

Big thank you for this! I bought the CD yesterday and i can't be happier. I'll go see her in London, in November. She's absolutely great!