Thursday, October 1, 2009

Marcelino on Bondy's Tosca: The more boos they get, the more work they get

"It's like there's an accident in the middle of street: People say, `Ah, I don't want to go.' But they want to see the blood,"

"Everything that was written by Puccini, it didn't fit. And what he was going to add didn't go with the music, too. He didn't find the right concept for that second act, for me."

"That's when you realize he's just trying to fill time with no purpose," Alvarez said, referring to the end of the second act. "Bondy had a lot of ideas — so many ideas, you have no idea."

"The more boos they get, the more work they get, Then they think, `The public doesn't have the capability of understanding my concept.'"

Read the entire interview to Ronald Blum here

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