Monday, November 2, 2009

Dance me to the end of Dudi love

George Bush Int. Airport, Houston TX,
a couple of weeks ago,
I get into a cab, radio is on, at 88,7 FM.
I have absolutely no idea what the station is. Jazz music.

5' later: speaker's voice. I can't hear well enough due to the car's noise, but I can make out a few words.
Los Angeles, Dudamel, Dudamel, Dudamel.

2 days later, I enter my hotel room. Alarm-radio is on, dunno why/how.
Radio station: 88,7. Speaker's voice: Dudamel blah blah blah, Dudamel blah blah blah.

Madre mia! If that is a coincidence,
then it's a pretty strange one.

Is everybody in the States talking about Dudamel and dancing to his Danzon No.2 or what?

2 days later. Heathrow Airport.
Checking CDs/DVDs at HMV.
I buy a couple of "Little Britain" DVDs I had missed.
Looking around for classical music CDs/DVDs.
Nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g!
Hey, I see a well-known face on top of a stand.
Katherine Jenkins, Sacred Arias. Oh! gee...
Talking 'bout class...

Houston - London, 1-0.

*The radio station is KUHF FM 88.7
Kudos guys!


Maria said...

Jenkins in rosy boots on stage!
Too much mud, too many puddles where she treads...
London airport is one of those places; full of emptiness!!!!

Parsifal said...

I wouldn't mind spending a few hours per week @ Heathrow - best shopping airport in the world ;)

Maria said...

Empty of classical music though, since this is our subject here.

Anonymous said...

BTW Danzon No.2 is by the Mexican composer Arturo Marquez

Parsifal said...

Indeed, but most people I believe got acquainted with it via Dudamel's Fiesta. And what a piece that is! There were days that I would set it on repeat and listen to it over and over again