Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dimanche musical: Joyce DiDonato in SF

"...Yet I doubt that even her biggest local fans - and yes, I am one - could have foreseen the vigor, the subtlety or the sheer vocal splendor that DiDonato brought to her Monday night recital in Herbst Theater....
...Her voice is plush and rich-hued, with a secure and forceful lower register, yet it's agile enough to move with easy grace through the most fleet-footed passagework. Her technical command is prodigious, with superb dynamic control and effortless precision, and she has a communicative gift that forges a winning bond with an audience..."

Joshua Kosman on JDD's recent recital in San Francisco.

Listen to JDD in Tanti Affetti as sung at the Herbst Theatre of San Francisco
on November the 16th

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Irishrover said...

I also read extatic reviews of this concert, seems like she was in top form.

Btw, how did you find the audio of her concert? I've been looking for a radio broadcast, but saw nothing... Would you have the whole concert, by any chance?