Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exclusivité: Giulo Cesare in Egitto, mighty Petrou returns

They 're back!

George Petrou, with members of the "team" we already know, plus some new entries,
are back with a complete recording of the 1724 version of Händel's Giulio Cesare in Egitto.

After the ab-fab, multiawarded recordings of Tamerlano, Arianna in Creta and Oreste, and an excellent production of Giulio Cesare at the Megaron of Thessaloniki, (plenty of videos can be found @ youtube), Petrou gathers under his baton a fine cast featuring Kristina Hammarström, Emanuela Galli, Mary-Ellen Nesi, Irini Karaianni, Romina Basso, Tassis Christoyannis, Petros Magoulas and Nikos Spanatis and the Orchestra of Patras.

Double-CD out soon by MDG.
More details plus some sound clips soon.


Mei said...

Looking forward to these cds...

Anonymous said...

Can't miss that too, since I have bought all Petrou's previous releases (which are world class performances). My guess is that'll be triple Cd, judging from other recordings of the opera.

But a question, if it can be answered. Is this a live recording (the previous 3 were live recordings)?

Parsifal said...

I have the impression it's gonna be double (judging from the sleeves of the cover that were cut in the pic I uploaded).

Nope, it's not a live recording, neither were the previous ones. It was recorded this past summer in Patras. The photo I have uploaded in a previous post (check link below) is from the recording sessions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you parsifal. You're right, the previous were not live recording but actually they were recorded at about the same period that the live events took place (just read the notes).

Well, I am anxiously waiting for this since I really enjoyed the live event with a quite different cast.

tom said...

a fantastic recording..i just heard it.

Anonymous said...

Quite good recording, maybe the best on the market, despite some odd things in the singers' performance and a sometimes annoying recording sound. Very good, almost perfect italian diction and dramatic focus on the work. Continuo with two harpsichords?
Nireno a bass?! XD (see the back of the CD)