Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fammi ridar la spada! Urmana as Odabella at the MET

"Odabella’s heroic resolve comes through in music filled with daring vocal leaps and bursts of defiant coloratura, and the soprano Violeta Urmana dispatched the part with fearlessness and earthy power. Yet, true to the Muti credo, she sang each line with articulate shape and grandeur." (via NYT)

Listen to Violetta Urmana singing "Santo di Patria..."(plus cabaletta)
and "Liberamente or piangi"
on the premiere of February the 23rd.


Susanne said...

Hi Parsi! A belated happy birthday and many happy returns of the day! Thanks for the post on Urmana. Had lost track of her career. I really like her. Saw her as Amneris at the Dutch Opera a few years ago. She was great! Reminds me of Baltsa :-)

Hariclea said...

I loved it!!! The singing was beauuutifulll!!! And one has to give it to Muti, he knows what he is doing.. it sounded in a weird way "traditional", but in good and enjoyable tradition :-)