Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Upcoming and unmissable: Händel's Theodora at the Megaron

"The other major delight was the conducting of George Petrou. If there is any justice in the musical world, this young conductor deserves international recognition".

These were the words that David Blewitt used for George Petrou in his February 2010 review of Gluck's Alceste at the Athens Megaron featuring Antonacci and Kunde (Opera Magazine).

After the raving reviews, the awards, a new recording of Giulio Cesare and the October Alceste with Antonacci and Kunde, George Petrou is ready to rawk Athens with a semi-staged performance of Händel's Theodora (Megaron, March the 13th).

His cast will include Emanuela Galli as Theodora, Kristina Hammarström as Didymus, Irini Karaianni as Irene, Jason Darnell as Septimius and Yiannis Yiannissis as Valens. Paris Mexis will do the stage-direction (fully staged, not semi-staged as stated on the Megaron web).

Tickets (from 7 to 45 €!) already out.

Reviews of the new Giulio Cesare recording by the Bayerischer Rundfunk, by Presto Classical, by NDR Kultur and by Voix des Arts.


Anonymous said...

Ωραία νέα...

Σήμερα ήρθε ο Καίσαρ του Πέτρου από το εξωτερικό... Εξαιρετικός (αν και δεν τον άκουσα ακόμα). Κλασσική "στακάτη" ερμηνεία του Πέτρου. Galli και Hammarström είναι και στον Καίσαρα του Πέτρου στο ρόλο της Κλεοπάτρας και του Ιουλίου Καίσαρα. Οι γνωριμίες από ηχογράφηση του Καίσαρα έφεραν συντελεστές στην νέα παραγωγή να υποθέσω. Να τονίσω ότι τα σκηνικά και τα κουστούμια της υπέροχης παραγωγής του Ιουλίου Καίσαρα της Θεσσαλονίκης τα είχε αναλάβει ο Μέξης.

Πότε το υπολογίζουμε περίπου;

Parsifal said...

POIO??? 13 March, to grafw :)

mahler76 said...

έλα βρε αφού γράφει ότι έχει εισιτήρια ακόμη μη με τρομάζεις. Αν δεν προλάβαινα θα πέθαινα.

Anonymous said...

Theodora in the Athens Concert Hall was magnificent. I was there having any knowledge of this oratorio, but I was amazed! It was an absolutelly inspiring performance from every single one. Even the direction from Mexis was brilliant, allthough done only for a single performance. Irini Karaianni is still my favourite in everything she does. As Irini she was once outstanding! Congradulations to Petrou for giving us such great shows in Greece.