Thursday, March 25, 2010

100: Una voce per tre generazioni

Legendary soprano Magda Olivero (born in Saluzzo, March 25, 1910) turns 100 years old today and will be celebrating her birthday at Solda, province of Bolzano.

Hopefully Italy will not only remember the birthday of Mina - another legendary pop singer, a national star of Italy- who today turns 70!

Listen to Magda Olivero singing some of the most sigificant roles of her career:

Liú in 1938

Violetta in 1939

Isolde (or rather Isotta) in 1958

Maddalena de Coigny in 1958

Wally in 1958

Adriana Lecouvreur in 1959 (listen to the ovation!)

Adriana (Giusto Cielo!) in 1959 - OMG!

Magda, 99 years and 360 days old:

And Happy 70th Birthday to Mina,
here with Adriano Celentano in one of my favourite ones ;)


Hariclea said...

What an Adriana!!! ohhhh :-) Happy birthday to her!!!!

Maria , Atene. said...

I wish the time could stand still for certain people and Magda Olivero is one of them.
Her voice and wonderful fingers expressed all the feeling she was asked for on stage.
One hundred red roses for her birthday.

Anonymous said...

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xronia polla sthn megalyterh fvnh ths I T A L I A s.