Friday, March 5, 2010

Autographs #3

An autograph from Joan Sutherland, signed to me by la Stupendissima herself, 15 years ago, when Sutherland was in Athens as member of the Jury of the Maria Callas Grand Prix. Most vivid memories of that night: a) La Stupenda was not very willing to sign the photos and CDs I was carrying, as a matter of fact she was quite grumpy, but I was too young to be sent to hell... b) The members of the Jury were all opera legends, from Luigi Alva to Irina Arkhipova and from Elisabeth Söderström to Kostas Paskalis, however when one after another they stepped on stage to present the awardees, La Stupenda provoked an "earthquake" in the Hall of the Athens Megaron as the audience started shouting "brava Stupenda", clapping hands like crazy and stamping feet on the floor.

A bit like that:

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