Friday, March 26, 2010

Bieito's Parsifal in Stuttgart: the pix!

I, as the fool Parsifal in a drug induced state, became a suckling infant. (.)(.)

All pics (C) Martin Sigmund for the Staatsoper Stuttgart

And some more...


yap said...

That was quick. Heh. :-D
Where did you get the other ones, then? I think I'll have to try for last minute tickets on Easter Monday, or ask my sister to lend me her violin case to sneak in or something.

Parsifal said...

The other ones....ehhhmmm...can't say ;)

Yap! If I were in Stuttgart I would already be queuing for tickets hehehe

yap said...

It's okay... I think I found them. :-D Not that difficult after all.

I must admit I'm not a Wagner fan at all - but this production somehow keeps screaming "come see me" at me. Stuttgart used to have a last-minute contingent of tickets available for each performance back in my youth, but, hm, seems like not anymore. Grmpf.

Opera Cake said...

Many thanks for the pics.

All the shows were sold out long in advance. I'm a huge Calixto fan -- I ordered my ticket in June 2009 ;)

Parsifal said...

Will u be there??? I can't wait to read the reviews for the opening tonight :)