Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Le tour du monde en 80 minutes - Bejart's swan song finally in Athens

Maurice Béjart's final creation, under the title "Le tour du monde en 80 minutes", will have its Greek premiere on March the 27th at the Badminton Theatre of Athens for just 2 benefit performances.

In autumn 2007, between two tours, the 35 Béjart Ballet Lausanne dancers rehearse for "Around the world in 80 minutes". Although Maurice Béjart uses Jules Verne’s cherished idea of a trip around the globe, he adds his own touch with memories of the countries he has visited. Few choreographers have travelled as much as Béjart. Whether at the head of his Ballet de l’EtoileBallet-Théâtre de Paris (1957-1960), his Ballet du XXème siècle (1960-1987) or his Béjart Ballet Lausanne (since 1987), he has travelled the world incessantly, halting always where he feels most comfortable: at the crossroads of civilisations.

Maurice Béjart, choreographer and ballet director, was born on January 1, 1927.
He died on November 22, 2007, aged 80

The info:

Choreography: Maurice Béjart
Music: City percussions, Stavinsky, Theodorakis, Vivaldi, Hadjidakis, Mozart, Strauss, Wagner, Ellington, Warren Harry, Tchaikovsky, traditional music from Korea, China and Peru.


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