Monday, March 1, 2010

Let Beauty Awake

In my only post-Paris/ante-Barcelona “excursion” to the Athens Megaron, I had the great joy of assisting a recital by Greek bass Christophoros Stamboglis. Stamboglis offered us Vaughan Williams’ “Songs of travel” during the first part of the recital, that were completely unknown to me, (I hadn’t even listened to the Thomas Allen recording), and I must say I was amazed by the beauty of those petits jewels. Unfortunately the enthusiastic applause after almost every song prevented us from diving deep inside Williams' atmosphere.

During the second part Stamboglis offered a selection of well known songs and arias by Donizetti, Verdi and Bellini and bised with La Calunnia (what a fantastic interpretation, even without an orchestra!) and Tosti’s “L’alba separa dalla luce l’ombra”. A demonstration of great artistry by this excellent Greek singer who within 2009 debuted at the Met and who is currently there rehearsing Don Basilio.

Stamboglis and his excellent accompanist Dimitris Yakas

Listen to Stamboglis in La Calunnia

(Let beauty awake is the second of nine songs in Ralph Vaughan Williams' Songs of Travel. If not familiar with the work, just take a tour @ this youtube channel. Totally worth your time.)

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