Sunday, July 29, 2007

Patrizia Ciofi back in Athens!

Patrizia Ciofi & Parsifal...
(sorry for the foto, it was too dark...).

Patrizia Ciofi, one of Parsifal's favourites, returned to Athens for a short, short, petit concert! She appeared as a soloist in a concert of The Camerata (a greek orchestra) under the baton of maestro Christopher Hogwood and sang 3 Mozart concert arias :( . She sang brilliantly and she was stunning on stage (best-dressed diva 2007!). She has also gained some weight and she looks fantastic now..

The Concert of course has been recorded (...) just like Patrizia's first concert in Athens that you can find HERE

Here 's what Patrizia sang:
1. Voi avete un cor fedele
2. Basta, vincesti...Ah! non lasciarmi
3. Alcandro, lo confesso...Non só d' onde viene

After the concert Parsifal met Patrizia! She was so kind and sweet, we had a brief chat and the autograph i got reads: "Per Parsifal (well, replaced by my real name), un abbraccio! A presto, Patrizia Ciofi".

Parsifal was very happy indeed, so happy that he didn't attend the second part of the concert (Haydn's Symphony No.94) and went to a chinese restaurant instead...hehehe.



Anonymous said...

I Patrizia itan Thea. Aporo pos katafere na tragoudisei me tin athlia orhistra i opoia apotheothine sto Haydn. Malista apotheonotan sto telos kathe merous tis simfonias apo to apaidefto koino ton vlohoellinon. To apistefto einai pos ligo meta tin enarksi tis simfonias, ena peristeri evgale mia kravgi kai psofise epano sti skini!!! eno meta erihisan na ourliazoun kati skilia itan teleio.

Anonymous said...

And here I am, trying to say something useful in english even knowing that I do not speak the language and surelly don't try greek also, it would be a disaster, but anyway... Thanks for the kind words on my blog... Yes, "Parsifal's" for me is really something! And thank you for the amazing posts!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all! :)

Cinestef said...

ftou, perasan oi merikes ores kai den katafera na katevaso ta songs tie Patrizia. Darn.

Me to peristeri... Grusome!

Anonymous said...

Hei Marcelo. Your first name sounds Italian, your last sounds Japanies and as I see you live in Brazil!!!! What a combination. Wellcome! Patrizia was very good but unfortunatly the orchestra sucked big time.

Anonymous said...

Ciofi in next concert in Greece: 31 July, Capri!!!

Gloriana said...

Re su Parsi, aytos poy trabixe ti photo, parkison eixe i tromero trak?

Entelos koynimeni!!!

Gloriana said...

Signomi to Capri einai sto Ellada? H ta agglika moy einai entelos goal?