Monday, June 16, 2008

Cedolins, Baltsa, Kaufmann and Scandiuzzi receive a 10 minute long standing ovation!

Last night, in Zurich.

At the Tonhalle.

Under Daniele Gatti

and with the Zurich Opera House Choir and Orchestra

Agnes Baltsa
(who had not sung the alto part of the Verdi Requiem for years)

together with the stellar cast


Jonas Kaufmann

Fiorenza Cedolins


Roberto Scandiuzzi

received a thunderous 10 minute long standing ovation...

Friends described last night as a trip to Heaven.

Sound clips

Agnes Baltsa

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operanuts said...

Got tracks, reviews?

Parsifal said...

In 10 minutes....

PB SB said...

WONDERFUL, dear Parsi! Do you have the complete recording??? ;-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can we have a picture of Agnes from the oncert please? Thanks v much!

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful matinée, in the night I've Handel's Rinaldo with Christie conducting!!