Friday, March 30, 2007

The Mother's Ring, Athens 2005

Parsifal has taken the day off! And instead of watching Prison Break (hehehe) i uploaded a recording of a greek opera from the Athens Lyric:

Here is an opera that i m sure that quite a few ever had the chance to listen to. Its a work by the greek composer Manolis Kalomiris. If you 're fond of the carrer of La Divina, you might remember that during her greek career, she sang a work by Manolis Kalomiris called "O Protomastoras". Manolis Kalomiris uses many folk tunes in his operas and the result is operas a la maniere de Janacek... It s really a pity that his works are not widely known to the public. I personally believe that works like this one, are masterpieces equal to works like Jenufa or the Bartered Bride etc. The last few years in Greece there was a new wave of re-descovering these pieces of Kalomiris, Samaras, Carrer or other greek composers. In this "fashion" there have been performances of works like RHEA (with Dimitra Theodossiou singing the role of Rhea- a recording is available) or Marathon-Salamis, and in 2005, an amazing performance of the Mother's Ring with the renowned greek mezzo Markella Hatziano singing the role of the Mother. More about Manolis Kalomiris AND the libretto in both Greek (with latin letters so that everybody can read it) and English translation can be found on the official website about Manolis Kalomiris HERE
It's an in-house recording and i would suggest to all to download and listen to this unknown work!

The Mother's Ring / To Daxtylidi tis Manas

Mana/Mother: Markela Hatziano
Yannakis: Yannis Hristopoulos
Sotiris: Dionisis Sourbis
Erofili: Vassiliki Karayanni
Kyriakos: Yannis Yannisis
Kyra/Mistress: Sofia Kyanidou

Maestro: Vassilis Hristopoulos
Greek National Opera
Greek National Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Athens 2 January 2005


Cd2 in 2 parts that you ll have to join with HJsplit Part1 Part2

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