Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Easter Bunny has a gift for you: Anna Bolena, Mariella Devia Verona 2007

No, this is not the infamous performance of Elena Mosuc mentioned below. It's one of the performances given in Verona during the last days of March featuring the debut of the amazing
Mariella Devia as Anna Bolena (the sopranos seem to suffer a severe bolenitis...i hope the romanian b*i*t*c*h gets infected too, 'cause it will be fun fun fun to listen to a voiceless Bolena!)


Anna Bolena: Mariella Devia
Enrico VIII : Michele Pertusi
Giovanna Seymour : Laura Polverelli
Lord Riccardo Percy : Francesco Meli
Smeton : Elena Belfiore
Lord Rocheford : Marco Spotti
Sir Hervey : Cristiano Olivieri
Orchestra, Coro dell'Arena di Verona
Dir: Lό Jia


Enjoy!!! Devia is brilliant! Just listen to the act 1 finale or the Coppia iniqua cabaletta!

ps. This is an in-house private recording. I dont think there will be any radio broadcast...

ps2. Devia rules!

ps3. Just listen to the hysteria after the final cabaletta!


Theodora said...

Hmmmm... I am a Romanian fan of Ms.Devia, her Verona Bolena was truly great. By 'Romanian bitch' you probably mean Gheorghiu, funny, I am no fan, but I feel offended, you make it seem ethnic and quite low, sounds very bad as much as Gheorghiu may or may not be... well that. whatever.

Parsifal said...

Dear Theodora! I have nothing against romanians, i have friends from Romania in Athens, my brother's girlfriend used to be romanian and i adore many romanian singers (from Elena Mosuc to Cotrubas, Moldoveanu etc). Don't feel offended, it was just a way of "describing" her (you know who)...It could have also been "the greek bitch, the bulgarian bitch, the italian bitch" etc. I m sorry if you ve felt offended, in another post you can see that i ve also uploaded Numele Tau with Angela and Banica Jr. Ohhh, by the way, it was meant to be veeeery low and it was meant to sound bad so as to show my appreciation towards her...That's all..