Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happy Easter! A te, la buona Pasqua!

Parsifal is gonna spend his Easter Holidays on the mounts of Pilio, home of the Centaurus, at his favourite country house with his friends - playing Trivial Pursuit, eating and drinking wine by the fireplace-i suppose. Unfortunately, no opera is on the menu as my friends ordered me that the soundtrack -of which i am responsable- will include only Nelly Furtado, Robbie Williams feat. Pet Shop Boys, Gotan Project and my favourite greek group, Marsheaux. No Hojotojos, no Immolation Scenes, no latin guys singing ringing high C's. Sniff...One way or another, my i-pod will be filled with Devia singing Bolena in Verona (2 performances!) and the Florez/Dessay/Caballe Fille du Regiment (also 2 performances!) from Vienna which i hope i will be able to listen sitting on this beach at about 500 metres from the house. Fotos are from last year when the same "crew", revisited the mounts of Pilio for Easter...

Nice, huh?

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