Monday, April 2, 2007

Alcina, Athens 2005

This group of very young and talented greek singers who the last few years have been singing early operas and made the first ever studio recordings of Oreste and Arianna In Creta need special attention. I saw them in many performances (Tamerlano, Arianna in Creta at Corinth, Serse etc) and i think that they have the dynamic to become worldwide renowned singers.
Their recording of Arianna in Creta has been reviewed in November's 2006 Opera News magazine and the review is quite good.

Regarding this Alcina, the french magazine Opera International wrote for Mata Katsouli:
" Son "Ah!mio cor" hypnotique au centre de l'acte II de même que son "Ombre pallide" aussi déchirant qu'inflexible, feraient à coup sûr blémir de jalousie bon nombre de chanteuses célèbres titulaires du rôle."
(Opéra International - mars/avril 2005)


Alcina: Mata Katsouli
Ruggiero: Mary Helen Nezi
Morgana: Elpiniki Zervou
Bradamante: Irini Karayanni
Oronte: Nikos Stephanou
Melisso: Petros Magoulas
Oberto: Mina Polihronou

Maestro Miltos Logiadis
Athens Lyric, 4 February 2005
Very good sound, only the radiowaves from
a mobile phone next to me create some noise
during Tornami a vagghegiar...Dammit...
Tracked and ripped at 192 kbps


And as always, download, enjoy and say Thanks!

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