Monday, June 4, 2007


Do you remember "Dancer in the Dark"? Lars Von Trier's heart breaking musical-drama with Bjork and Catherine Deneuve? I still remember the night i first watched it @ a cinema of the city of Thessaloniki... I left the theatre devastated not only by the drama nor by Bjork's majestic acting but also by Bjork's celestial music (she has been and will be one of my favourite "pop" artists).
Well now it seems that Von Trier's drama will become an opera!

Copying from OperaNews online:

Copenhagen's Royal Danish Theatre has announced that it has commissioned a new opera from composer Poul Ruders, based on Lars von Trier's Oscar-nominated 2000 movie, Dancer in the Dark.

The opera, which will be Ruders' fourth operatic effort, following his acclaimed adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, will have its premiere as part of the Royal Danish Theater's Old Stage 2010-2011 season.

"Dancer in the Dark is the most emotive and evocative film I ever recall seeing," Poul Ruders said in a press release issued by the company. "Lars von Trier conveys with overpowering directness the etching story of a mother who faces death to give her child a better and more dignified life than she experienced herself. Here love truly conquers everything, and it is all conveyed with a simple and unclad cinematic idiom. When after the film I staggered out of the cinema I knew this was the ultimate blueprint for a new opera — universal, timeless and engaging."

The movie tells the story of a Central European émigré, living and working in rural America, who tragically tries to save her son's eyesight from the ravages of a disease from which she also suffers. Dramaturge Henrik Engelbrecht has been tapped to adapt the opera's libretto from the movie's screenplay, with the permission of von Trier. The role of Selma, portrayed by Björk in the film, is being created especially for soprano Ylva Kihlberg, a member of the Royal Danish Opera soloist ensemble.

And speaking of Bjork, i 've uploaded a song from Dancer in the Dark. It's called "A new world" and it is a little diamond... Totally recommended. Download HERE

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