Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update: Athens DIDN'T hear Dimitra's first Liebestod!

Some changes have been made at the last night's concert of the 7 divas (...) . First of all, Dimitra Theodossiou didn't sing the Liebestod. Thank God for this as she gave us an incredible Abigaille! And she brought down the House! 4 full minutes of applause after the cabaletta and people yelling like crazy (among them, Parsifal of course hehe). She was definitely the highlight of the night.
Now, the cons of the performance: Dimitra appeared on stage with one of these typical old-fashioned dresses she wears (remember the Ancona Roberto Devereux?) and even though her singing was almost flawless, her movements and her stage presence were not what you expect from a diva of the 00's. Anyway, i'm of the old school where singing is much more important than posing and i would definitely prefer an Anita Cerquetti (one of the ugliest divas ever) to 10 Netrebkos....

Other highlights: Elena Kelessidi was beautiful and sang an excellent Musetta. Julia Sougklakou also brought down the house with her Pace mio dio. Jenny Drivala withdrew and didn't sing her Bolena (i was quite sure that this would happen! "I'm Jenny Drivala you fools! I'll be the last to sing and Theodossiou will eat my dust"). So, the divas were only 6.

Parsifal visited mrs. Theodossiou during the interval and had a chat about many many thangs. Among them, her new recording of "Bianca e Fernando" (it will be available in 5-6 months), the recital at La Fenice ("It was the best recital i 've ever given, i had 32 minutes of applause and will be telecast by the RAI soon!"), the Dynamic DVD of her Bolena (Parsifal stated:"What you see on the dvd is not the best Dimitra one can have"), the last year's Nabucco (Dimitra was singing Abigaille with high fever) and the upcoming new roles, Lucrezia Borgia in Bergamo and Margherita (Mefistofele) in Palermo. Parsifal also stated that it's a pitty to have the best Elisabetta on the planet and NOT have a new production of Roberto Devereux in Athens. We went on talking about stuff that cannot be written (the managerial chaos of the Athens Lyric, the dictatorial ex-director, his eminence with Twiggy-divas etc) and i left after asking her to sing the best Abigaille she has ever sung. Judge for yourselves guys . You will find it HERE
(Excellent sound, ripped at 256kbps, with the full 4min. applause)

The full recording will be upload soon enough (the Kasarova recital comes first).

The program

I Puritani
«O rendetemi la speme ? Qui la voce ? Vien diletto»
Vassiliki Karayanni

«Casta diva»
Martha Arapi

Manon Lescaut

«Quando m’en vo»
Elena Kelessidi


«Pace, pace mio Dio»
Julia Sougklakou

I Masnadieri
«Venerabile, o padre?Lo sguardo avea degli angeli»
Mata Katsouli

«Anch'io dischiuso....Salgo gia del trono aurato»
Dimitra Theodossiou

Tristan Und Isolde
Ouverture and Liebestod (for orchestra)


ernani said...

Apo tis "older or young greek divas" blepw pws leipei epideiktika h Arapi. Giati arage... :D . A re tyxeroi... Anamenw enagwniws antapokrish :)

mahler76 said...

Popo!!!! trelo programma. Na ipotheso me ti filiki simetohi tis K.O.A.????

mahler76 said...

Vre ernani i Arapi ehei mia Casta Diva. Pados min hairesai, ta retalia tis Lirikis einai.

mahler76 said...

Alitheia sto Hirodeio tha paei kanpoios avrio????

ernani said...

Mahler me pare3hghses. An yparxei mia soprano ths Lyrikhs poy den antexw, ayth einai h Mar8oyla. Oso gia tis alles, e, den einai kai retalia. De soy aresei h Katsoylh? H Drivala? H Karayanni (se ligotero ba8mo estw :) )?

mahler76 said...

Koita den me enthousiazoun. Stis parastaseis tis Lirikis toulahisto.. Pados pouthena den vrika plirofories gia afto to Gala kai den ksero pou to eide o Parsi. Den ksero oute pou ginetai kai to pio simandiko pia orhistra kai maestros. Opoios ehei kapoio link as pei.

The Wrong Guy said...

αψογο μπλογκ!

και μου αρέσει η επιλογή του τίτλου.
Γερμανική και από τις παλιότερες,σωστά;

mahler76 said...

the wrong guy, you are in the right blog....I think. Wilkomen.

mahler76 said...

I meant wright...

Parsifal said...

Wilkomen wrong guy!
TO Gala einai sth Lyrikh k to student ticket exei 10 euro
Den kserw poioi to organwsan auto alla nomizw oti panelladika to gnwrizoun 10 an8rwpoi...

mahler76 said...

Afto pou den to gnorizei psihi me fovizei. Mallon tha eimai nihtes premieras Paraskevi. Tha doume.. To simerino pandos to hano logo douleias opote an kanas kalos peiratis to grapsei as steilei kana link. Ciao for now.

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

ola ta stoiheia -orhistra, maestros- gia apopse edo.

Ιλάρια said...

Γεία σου!! Τι κάνεις;
Είμαι τόσο λυπημένη!! Είχα δύο διαγωνισμοί και δεν μπορούσα να πάω στήν Αθήνα για το συναυλία...μα είμαι ευτυχής που ήταν καλά! Dimitra ήταν φανταστική!!!

Gloriana said...

Loipon molis akoysa abigaile.
Re seis den einai gia ti foni tis Theodossioy, den tin antexei ayti tin tesitura kai an den einai thema ixografisis gi'ayto kai itan xamili se kapoies notes.
Kai de milao gia tis acutes etsi?

Signomi giati i orxistra oriotan sunexos?

PS. To kostoymis ti photo einai apla THEIKO!

ATabor said...

Hello! Λοιπόν, από τη συναυλία μου άρεσε περισσότερο η Σουγκλάκου. Δεν την είχα ακούσει ποτέ και δεν περίμενα να είναι τόσο καλή!!! Ακολουθούν Θεοδοσίου - Κελεσίδη (συμφωνώ με Gloriana ότι δεν είναι για τη φωνή της Θεοδοσίου το συγκεκριμένο, αν και το επίπεδό της φώναζε από παντού), Κατσούλη (πολύ κακό για το τίποτα) - Αράπη (δεν πολυπερνούσε)και τελευταία και καταϊδρωμένη, κατά τη γνώμη μου πάντα, η νεαρά Καραγιάννη (δεν περνούσε επίσης και μου φάνηκε και λίγο "αδιάβαστη"). Ελπίζω να μη φάω θάψιμο, ούτε να είναι τελείως λάθος οι εκτιμήσεις μου :P
Χάρηκα πάντως για τη συναυλία, αν και δεν είμαι φαν του συγκεκριμένου ρεπερτορίου (με εξαίρεση μάλλον Puccini-Wagner).
Και εις άλλα με υγεία!!

Parsifal said...

Συμφωνουμε σχεδον απολυτα!Τωρα τα κολληματα μου με τη Δημητρα τα ξερεις οποτε δε λεω τίποτε...Εξακολουθω να πιστευω οτι της είναι μια χαρά η Αμπιγκαιλε. Όχι, δεν ειναι Ντιμιτροβα σίγουρα αλλά Ντιμιτρόβες δεν υπάρχουν πια...Η Καραγιάννη φαινόταν να έχει τρελό άγχος κ δε μου άρεσε το τραγούδι της...Ρηχό, ανέκφραστο, απλή ανάγνωση της παρτιτούρας (αν κ την Καραγιάννη γενικά τη συμπαθώ.... Για την Αράπη δε θα πω τίποτε...θα σεβαστώ την καριερα της και το πένθος της. Κρίμα που η Δριβάλα δεν τραγούδησε πάντως...Θα είχαμε τρελό υλικό για σχολιασμό...

Brian said...

Do you know where I can get more information on Dimitra Theodossiou? In English preferably. I am having a had time finding any interviews with her.

Parsifal said...

hi Brian! I dont think you will find interviews, i dont remember ever reading one...You can find more on her at her website (, most of her recordings at and many of her bootlegs here....

Brian said...

Well, that makes my job a little harder, or more interesting. I work for a newspaper and have a 45-minute face-to-face interview with her this week. I've been researching, but am having a hard time finding information about her (I did find one interview in Greek [translated poorly through Babelfish] in which she said she does not do much PR. That makes me honored/nervous.)

She's performing La Traviata here (in Tokyo). I like opera, but I am not the biggest expert. You have any questions you would like me to ask?

Parsifal said...

I found an interview in greek she gave for the greek paper "To Vima". I could translate it for you! Piece of cake! But i could also help with the interview as i have a Master in Theodossiou! Hehehe...

Brian said...

Well, I wouldn't want to ask you to do my work for me, but any information about her you think I should know (anything that is not on her official website, such as her age, her personality [it makes a huge difference in interview rapport if the person is talkative or not]), and seriously, what you think I should ask her. The more question ideas the better. I am a little worried because I cannot find much information on her.

And if you could translate the interview, I would be very grateful. (A quick translation would be fine.)

Feel free to e-mail me.