Thursday, September 27, 2007

Теодор Курентзис conducts Kasarova/Kermes

Teodor Currentzis, for those who don't know him, is the Music Director of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, Founder and Music Director of Musica Aeterna Ensemble and New Siberian Singers Chamber Choir. He is a rising star, a greek maestro living in Russia and actually is one of the artists of IMG!
On the 25th of September he came back to Athens in order to conduct a concert dedicated to Maria Callas (Concert dedicated to La Callas No.34563 for this season). The concert starred Vesselina Kasarova and Simone Kermes (a great coloratura that i wasn't familiar with). The Concert was a big success even if at the beginning the stupid organizers had adjusted the mics so baaaaadly that the voices were heard too boosted and with too much echo. Anyway, they fixed the problem later on (after they were "attacked" by some members of the audience).

The program of the concert had absolutely nothing to do with La Divina and the divas sang a repertoire that Callas didn't particularly enjoy....Too much Haendel, too much Gluck, some Mozart, some Gounod, some Bizet, some Tchaikovsky, some Vivaldi. Anyway, it was fun!

Currentzis is a great maestro! He has got an impressive stature and he knows. What i particularly enjoyed about him is that he was obviously showing off, and he did it without any sense of guilt or remorse. "I'm young, i'm handsome, i rocked Russia and i'm ready to rock the whole planet so now watch me how i wave my beautiful hair". This year's commitments will take him to Paris for the Don Carlo production at the Bastille. Find more about him at (that is, only if you speak russian, which i don't).

Simone Kermes has got a beautiful instrument, a huge tessitura and an out-of-this-planet easiness for high notes. But, what i didnt like: a) the liberties she took when singing Come Scoglio...That was definitely not Mozart. b) Her constant "dancing" when singing coloraturas...Stay still woman! Anyway, i would love to see her as Kostanze, Zerbinetta etc etc...

Vesselina Kasarova was great, amazing high notes, haunting chest notes, excellent mezze voci. And what a presence! But what we heard was not the repertoire i would like to hear from Vesselina...I wanted Charlotte, some Rossini, Sesto maybe...
Later, backstage Vesselina was so sweet and kind...I asked her about the repertoire and she said that she also wanted to sing different stuff but they (Theodor???) wouldn't let her....She gave us some autographs(like the one above) and we had a short chat (this was Vesselina's second time in Greece after a recital in Thessaloniki a couple of years ago).

Thank you ladies! Thank you Theodor!

Rameau - PLAΤΕΕ, Les Boreades: Suite
Mozart - COSI FAN TUTTE, ''Ah guarda sorella" - Kasarova/Κermes
Haendel - ALCINA, "Sta nell'ircana pietrosa tana" - Vesselίna Kasarova
Haendel - GIULIO CESARE "Piangero" - Simone Kermes
Gluck - ORFEO ΕD EURYDICE, "Dance of Blessed spirits"
Mozart - LΕ ΝΟΖΖΕ DI FIGARO, Ouverture

Mozart - DON GIOVΑΝΝΙ, Ouverture
Mozart - COSI FAN TUTTE, "Come scoglίo" Simone Kermes
Gluck - ORPHEE ΕΤ EURYDICE (Berlioz version), ''Amour, viens rendre a mon ame" - Vesselίna Kasarova
Tchaikovsky - ROMEO ΑΝD JULIA
Vivaldi - LΑ FIDA NINFA, "Dίte ohίme" - Simone Kermes
Vivaldi - L' ΟLYMPIADE, "Siam navi all onde algentί" - Simone Kermes
Bizet - CARMEN, Ouverture
Bizet - CARMEN, "L' amour est un oiseau rebelle"- Vesselίna Kasarova

Verdi - LΑ FORZA DEL DESTINO, Ouverture
Gounod - SAPHO, "Ο ma lyre immortelle"- Vesselίna Kasarova (GREAT!!!!)
Offenbach - LES CONTES DΉΟFFΜΑΝΝ, "Barcarolle"- Kasarova/Κermes

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