Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juan Dieguito habla!

What's on the 5th of April???? Huh??? JDF's wedding! I mean the religious one...

JDF and the mrs.

And where one can find JDF when in Cataluña?

elBulli !

You don't know elBulli?? You don't know Ferran Adriá? Take a look here

elBulli is one of the best restaurants of the planet (*with 3 Michelin stars*)situated close to Girona, Spain and the chef, Ferran Adriá is a superstar defined by Juan Diego Florez as "el Mozart de la gastronomía".

Ferran Adriá

And where has Parsifal learnt all these trivial info?

JDF gave an interview to Cadena SER, that you can listen to here or alternatively download here.
Nice interview, JDF is very relaxed and funny, he talks about los florezidos and his fans, all the mentioned above but also about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones! Claro que la entrevista está en castellano, tontos!

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