Sunday, April 13, 2008

Indians (or native americans?) in Oslo!

Dialogue, Sunday night:

-parsi: Hey, wassup?

-parsi's friend in Oslo: Great, i was just watching the Gala for the Inauguration of the new Opera House in Oslo.

-parsi: Cool, is it fun?

-parsi's friend in Oslo: Undescribable! We even saw Pocahontas on stage!!!

-parsi: You mean the cartoon?

-parsi's friend in Oslo: No, i mean the real thing!

-parsi: Groovy!!!


ernani said...

Moy to epibebaiwse kai o filarakos moy "to koynabi poy oyrliazei". Ayth thn periodo h Pocahontas kanei periodia sta lyrika 8eatra ths boreioy Eyrwphs!!! :D

Willym said...

Hell the Wowkle the other night in Fanciulla looked - and sang - better.

Finally got a full comment on the Fidelio up, working on something on the Fanciulla.