Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jonas the builder!

A report from London

Jonas Kaufmann and about 100 of his fans, met yesterday in some studio of the Royal Opera House, where Jonas gave an interview and the fans ripped off his clothes, took pieces of his curly hair and were surrendered to massive hysteria.

Fans during the signing session fighting for an autograph

In fact, only the interview part is accurate. Oh, and the hysteria thing.

Yeeeap, what you actually see is some lady touching the holy curls while Jonas is signing!


"I always carry my tool case with me. In my London appartment, the heating was out of order and the windows wouldn't close properly and i fixed it."
(k!those were not his exact words but you get the idea)

Therefore, parsifal's, awards Jonas with the "Masterbuilder 2008" award sponsored by Bob the Builder.

ps. The interviewer was none other than Edward know who!


mjw4849 said...

I was there and it was a cool evening! He certainly showed his humour - and it was great when he revealed he'll be starring in the first rerun of Don Carlos at the ROH next year!

Tools indeed - he could name the tool shop in Covent Garden too, so he wasn't being sarcastic!

Susan said...

Ahhh! I love Bob the Builder. And I love Thomas the Tank Engine even more. ;)

JVaughan said...

This may sound terribly old-fashioned to some, but I was _MOST_ relieved to read that the initial headline was misleading! Yes, Mr. Kaufmann says he will accept his "sexy image," but _NOT_ at the expense of the more-important music! I might take out his new CD and again play the Third-Act aria from (Tosca_ from it in hope of possibly reminding myself of what he does with it, though, of course, his approach could have changed for this production.

Hoping that this finds all of you well,

J. V.j022827@gmail.comee15007