Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No giusta causa!

Dimitra Theodossiou and Ramón Vargas, Lombardi, Firenze 2005

Dimitra Theodossiou sang Giselda in "I Lombardi alla Prima Crociata" at the San Carlo di Napoli earlier tonight.

Next to Dimitra: Tito Beltrán (you-know-who), Ruggero Raimondi (replacing Erwin Schrott who couldn't make it-again), Fabio Sartori and Maurizio Benini at the podium.

Italian Radio 3 has broadcast live the performance and it was a great performance indeed (yes, i' ve heard how Ruggero Raimondi sounded like, ok, he' s 67 y.o. for God's sake!).

Just to take a glimpse, here is Dimitra Theodossiou singing one of the most beautiful and most difficult pages in opera history...

"No! No giusta causa!"


Dimitra Theodossiou
Live in Naples
May the 20th


Willym said...

We're heading down on Saturday morning for the Lombardi. Finally going to get to hear Dimtra Theodossiou live. And see San Carlo... and hear Lombardi - after the weekend in Salzburgo now this...

Parsifal said...

Poor can be really tough huh?