Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nino + Rolando= LUV 4 EVA

Here are some Rolandicious chunks (well, practically it is almost half the opera) of the Salzburg "Romeo et Juliette" of August the 2nd for my sexy readers, exclusively at parsifal's. Next to Rolando, the immaculate Juliette, a girl i'm sure we 're gonna luv luv luv: Nino Machaidze.

Nino Machaidze - "Je Veux Vivre"

Rolando Villazón & Nino Machaidze - "Ange adorable"

Rolando Villazón- "O nuit! sous tes ailes obscures - Ah leve-toi soleil!"

Rolando Villazón & Nino Machaidze - "O nuit divine!"

Rolando Villazon & Nino Machaidze - "Dieu qui fis l'homme á ton image!"

Rolando Villazon & Nino Machaidze - "Va! Je t' ai pardonné"

Nino Machaidze - "Dieu! Quel frisson court dans mes veines!"

Rolando Villazon - "C'est là... Salut! tombeau sombre et silencieux"

Finale - Où suis-je?

And some reviews:

El mexicano Villazón triunfa como Romeo en el Festival de Salzburgo

Nachtkritik: Roméo et Juliette

Salzbourg: Villazon chante Roméo sans Netrebko mais non sans gloire

Romeo und Julia" erntete viel Applaus (with many fotos)

Romeo und Julia – ein Triumph


poltergeist said...

Life is being Rolandicious to us ;)

mahler76 said...

Yperoha!!! apla yperoha!!!

Parsifal said...


Ντεμης said...

Oh dear God, what perfection! Never would I have immagined it, he is suited for this role more than any other, and is an angel. Born in 1983? Oh, I ' m getting old!
Bravi, and bravo to you too, dear Parsi, τί τέλειο δῶρο, τί ἀπόλαυση στὴν ἡμέρα τῶν γενεθλίων μου! Truly thanks!

Willym said...

Some very beautiful singing and committed performances... wish ORF where amongst the 500 channels we got on Skye rather than Simpson reruns.

Am I the only one or with the sound turned off could the staging for the Waltz serve for the Habenera as well. The director obviously thinks that all French opera heroines are Carmen or at the least coquettes. She's a 14 year old at her first ball for god's sake not a flirt. Okay rant over.

Thanks for sharing as always you're a doll.

Parsifal said...

The concept is the 14 year old Paris Hilton going to her first ball. Poor stage director....nobody can perceive his genious....

Willym said...

sorry didn't read his programme notes... have you ever noticed that the stranger the production the longer the production notes.

Hariclea said...

Well, i was one of few people who enjoyed it audio only first :-) And I am glad because i got to make up my mind musically without the visual kick. I like the Mozarteum orquestra, who wouldn't, the conducting was surprisingly good and vivid, except for the last bit of the marriage scene when he just run away doing his thing and the singers had to run after him, not fair and way to fast for that part anyway, otherways very enjoyable. She i am sad to dissapoit people looks better than she sounds, especially if you don't get the visual distraction. He has a nice soprano voice, quite determined but the tops are at times shrill (thought it was beginning nerves, but it stayed shrill throughout) and there is much air going through the lower register. However, very god effort and she is terribly young and this is a big part. So good effort and i am sure she will emprove further. But, she is not the best Juliette vocally. I liked Mercutio, liked the dad althrough when he came back for the final part the voice was tired and a bit wobbly, liked the priest.
And having heard it right in my ears with headphones let me tell you the bla bla bla about Rolando and leftovers fro the crisis is just not true. The first part the singing was fresh, dedicated as always and the tops were brilliant and sunny (and those who know me know i ain't a fan ;-). here was far too much running in the fight scene and i could hear that ( i hand't realised there was that much rinning in general, i couldn't hear that over the audio). There was screaming in the fight scene too ( Rolando himself pointed out to that in interviews, and he through upsss, maybe i screamed too much) And probably he did, the duet at te beginning of the next scene felt the aftermath of running and screaming, but nothing unusual or anything to do with crisis stuff and such. Just the screaming and running 2 min earlier. And the final was gorgeous again. Passionate, invested as ever and i think people are often distracted or mislead by his strong and very "active" facial features. It may sometimes look as if he migth be pushing, it is just passion rinning the show in facil muscles...close your eyes and listen to the voie or instead of looking at his afce look at his chest? Any signs of accelerated breathing? Any breathing audible whatsoever??? None that i could here. I suspect there is more technique than people give him credit for. Anyway, forget the hype around the crisis, that is months back, this is now. He is a wonderful Romeo and the voice is light, flexible and sunny as ever. And the French is something to be put on the to be improved list :-) Didn't distroy any of the charm of the character through.
The latter comments obviously also the result of now having seen it :-) She was better as the opera moved on, a bit silly at the beginning or overly cheeky but no harm done :-) Why shouldn't she be a bit cheeky, the "girl" asks him to marry her for Pete's sake, Gounod's Juliette is very much taking charge of things, he is singing about love at her, to her, around her :-)Beautifully so :-)

Hariclea said...

And I ate half the letters in that is just that i have only had a bowl of cereal today ..upss and i am sorry, hope i am still understandable in the above.