Friday, August 1, 2008

Declare independence! Björk rawks!

How do I love Björk? let me count the ways!

The Greeks adore her and have proved so on every occasion. It was in September 1995 when Björk first sung in Athens and 9 years later she was back to sing her ¨Oceania¨at the Opening Ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Here´s a reminder of that night:

This time, she was back in Athens to promote her new "Volta" cd and to make us jump!

A rather short, 75 min. long concert and one of the most memorable!

Some favourite songs were on the set-list (like "Army of me", "Pagan poetry" etc) but others i had hoped to hear were missing (like my favourite Björk song, "Bachelorette").

Peak moments of the night: The hysteria during "Pluto", the new orchestration of "Oceania" (a bit tango, a bit Bregovic), the brass orchestra from Iceland playing the overture to "Dancer in the dark" (what a movie!)-wish she had also sung the final song of the film, "A new world" that usually makes me weep- and the last song, "Declare Independence", the one that gave to Björk a quite difficult time after her concert in Beijing for shouting ¨Tibet, Tibet¨ during the song.

My pics are quite shaky but hey! Neither I nor Björk stood still for more than 3 seconds during the night!


poltergeist said...

I had never listened to a complete song of hers, and I have liked it very much.
It sounds the concert was great!

I discovered the maker of the Rolando badges for this year's concert in Madrid! She wrote in my blog.

Ilaria said...

INVIDIA!!! it's a shame she didn't sing bachelorette (which is one of my fav too) but the idea of listening to Pagan Poetry live is just-plain amazing!

mahler76 said...

Telika eprepe na pao Bjork...hazomara ekana.