Friday, August 8, 2008

Roberto Alagna and his passions! (???)

It seems that eeeeeevery single year, the Choregies d' Orange telecast must have a Roberto-surprise for us "fans"!

Last year it was Roberto Thorpe with his speedo,

and this year it's a Robert-o-rama (with some bits of Angela)!!!

Roberto shows us the way to keep our home clean and tidy!
(the legs belong to Angela, now, how kinky is that???)

Who's that (hungry) girl?

Where r my fans?

No yoga this year! Roberto is just jogging

Who put the damn vase there???

OMG! Topless Rolando talking to the fridge
(what ever happened to his swimmer's body???)

Now, that's more like it...!

Roberto has just discovered La Prairie
(I swear it's him!!!)

Watch the whole thing in 3 consecutive videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

1 comment:

Scarpia2008 said...

Po po!!! ta eida ola ta video.... se ligo tha gino san tous Alagnas...

ps: ax apo to oraio piato me ta kreatika etc perissepse tipotes?