Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beauty in a can.

Over a period of five years, artist Nikos Floros purchased more than 200,000 aluminium cans of soft drinks and beer and turned them into imposing works, inspired by the world of opera and its most glorious star, Maria Callas. With brands chosen primarily for their color combinations, Floros’s handmade, large-scale objects display elements of history, fashion, art and emotion, dedicated, above all, to La Divina’s spirit.

For the second time in Greece, this exhibition of costumes inspired by Callas is being hosted at a marvellous scenery in Thessaloniki, at the Yeni Tzami, an old mosque, of 1902!
In the photos you can see some of the costumes, the artist and greek operatic glory of past decades Vasso Papantoniou.

The exhibition was inaugurated on the 16th of September and will be open to the public till the 19th of October.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive work. It is so unusual and it must have taken him
a long time to finish each dress.