Monday, September 22, 2008

I had a dream...

I had a funny dream last night...

I dreamt that the Athens Megaron would stage



(for the 2010-2011 Season).

I even dreamt of the cast...

Anna Caterina Antonacci would sing Alceste.

I fell off the bed right when I was about to find out who would sing Brünnhilde. Dammit.

ps. At the website of the Athens Megaron you can now find the announcement of Rolando's recital.

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Ντέμης said...

Ἐγὼ θὰ εἶμαι ἐκεῖ, κὶ ἂς χρειαστεῖ νὰ κατέβω στὴ Συγγροῦ γιὰ τὰ λεφτά! Ἐπίσης, στὸ δικό μου ὄνειρο, Βρουγχίλδη θὰ ἔχουμε τὴ Νίνα Στέμε! Πῶς σᾶς φαίνεται;