Monday, September 1, 2008

Kneel in front of the Master! Kneel I said!

René Pape, Hans Sachs monologue

René Pape, Wotan's "
Leb wohl, du kühnes herrliches Kind"

René Pape, Feuerzauber

All videos, René Pape, Lübeck, 31 August 2008
Cond: Alan Gilbert

Isn't he da best?

ps. Pape must be the coolest guy on the Planet! Check this:

It was added just a couple of days ago by Master René @ his youtube place, renepapetv, with the craziest pics eva!


mostly opera... said...

You know I actually was there, but since my computer has been attacked with a virus I cannot post anything about it :(

Ironically I got the virus when downloading the radio broadcast of this, that someone was so kind (!) to e-mail me. Now everything is deleted and I can´t even open my e-mail. Well....

Good to see you take over the René Pape-coverage in the meantime :)

Parsifal said...

Really???? R u sure about that??? It happened while downloading the file or after it had been downloaded? I have all the files I download scanned and same with the Pape concert. And I found no virus. I 'll check again.

ximo said...

I have had a certain deception with these interpretations. René Pape is a great singer, but it must study his Hans very thoroughly Sachs and the Wotan.

mostly opera... said...

Ximo - there is no deception with René Pape in these clips, I heard him live.
However, I am not sure the role of Hans Sachs really suits him dramatically - a wise cobbler that steps aside for the younger generation - doesn´t strike me as the most obvious part for him to take on. Hans Hotter never really sang the part either. The Wotan on the other hand was simply glorious and suits him perfectly.

Parsifal - I got the files from another source and with the files came a codex that installed itself - the Antivirus 2008 (a real virus, not an antivirus programme), which is highly malicious. Unfortunately it has mutated recently and "my" virus you could only slow down with spyware and then you by manually removing some files, but to get completely rid of it you have to make changes to the windows system files via the DOS-prompt and deactivate some helper files.

Everyone warns you not to do it if you are not professional - I of course gave it a try anyway with the rather predictable result that I unfortunately crashed the entire system after I deleted some legitimate Windows dll-files together with the virus dll-files with the result that the computer crashes when it tries to run Windows. As it is a computer from work, I have now returned it for reparation...

ximo said...

I am sure that within a few years Hans Sachs sing superbly.
I believe that when Wotan lacks interpretation. He sings very well, as always, but more needs to deepen the character.
It will be the great Wotan of the coming years. I am absolutely convinced

Papagena said...

What a beautiful voice! His Wotan nearly makes me cry :'-(
Though it sounds much better live, as every good voice.

I've heard him twice (actually three times counting his recorded voice as Neptuno in past season's Idomeneo at Teatro Real), as King Marke and Hunding, and I have always loved him. I'll see him in Berlin next March with Meier, Barenboim and Plácido in your opera, Parsi, which I have never heard...

I don't know much about Wagner as to say whether he's right for this roles or not, but I find him simply perfect...

Besos :-)