Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maria Guleghina,Turandot, Valencia 2008

Cowgirl Turandot Guleghina

In Questa Reggia

The Riddle Scene

The happy finale

I could have never imagined Maria Guleghina in this role.

I won't comment though, I'll expect your comments regarding the Ukranian diva (and Marco Berti of course).

But I'll comment on the finale:

Click to see the rosebud bloom, to enlarge I mean.

Turandot, dressed as a rosebud (you can even sense the scent if you're really close), holding hands with Calaf and jumping around, flees from Beijing to the greek islands to live avec son amour their eternal love while the others stay to wait for Placido who will sing in the closing ceremony of the Olympics with a chinese soldier-soprano.


Anonymous said...

mr p.

den blepv poy8ena to onoma poy eprepe na yparxei prvto apo ola!


Parsifal said...

Bebaiws, fysika, exete apolyto dikaio alla perimenete ligo k tha deite megalo tribute to Alexia Voulgaridou...Me diaforous rolous ths, me spanio hxhtiko, me links gia download, me videos apo Boheme k Turandot ktl ktl... Auto eleipe na mhn anaferame thn Alexia...

Ντεμης said...

I liked what I saw very much I must admit. Traditional, hot-blooded verismo! What more can one ask from italian opera? Certainly not innovative experiments like a Turandot aged and put to death by some vampires-Furies, like in a production none of us will soon forget (but for the wrong reasons!)
Why, Parsi μου, you would never have immagined Maria Ghulegina as the Icy Princess? To me she is the obvious cast, ever since I first saw her on Greek TV in a LaScala Macbeth ten years ago. A huge-voiced dramatic soprano specializing in such roles (Nabucco, Atilla....) Much more suited to the role than let's say Katia Ricciarelli, Renata Scotto or La Stupenda (sacrilegio, I know....) that we have heard on disc over the years.
What I didn' t like was the cut of her monologue towards the end of the duetto! "Del primo pianto. Sí, straniero, quando sei giunto....", it's my most favorite two minutes in the opera, where her whole personality changes, where the ice melts! No one sings it anymore?!!!

Gonzalo Tello said...

No entiendo griego =(

(don't speak greek)

Papagena said...


Eres un crack!

Parsifal said...

Gonzalo, el anonimo me esta diciendo q falta el nombre q no deberia faltar, el de Alexia Voulgaridou q es griega y que hacia de Liu.