Saturday, November 15, 2008

O don fatale!

Blogday gifts for my sexay readers:

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Listen to Rolando Villazón and Nino Machaidze singing live! in Athens, on the 29th of October,
“Va! Je t’ ai pardonné", their Romeo et Juliette duet.


Watch Kostas Paskalis as Simon Boccanegra, his last role and one of the most emblematic ones.

Next to him, Martha Arapi as Amelia, Tassis Christoyannis as Paolo, Angelo Simo as Gabriele and Yorgos Papas as Jacopo.

Athens, 1996


Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup pour cet enregistrement si espéré...
Une suite peut-être ???

D'avance merci

Hariclea said...

Mira si llego tardeee.....pero mas vale tarde que nunca ;-) Felicidadessss por el cumple del blog y muchas gracias por las sorpresitasss!!!! Muacks!!Porc ciertoooooooooo q estoy q no cabo en mii, el jefe me dio el 15 de enero y el 16 libreeee!!!! Sabes lo que significa eso, no???? ;-)

DMC said...

Thanks Parsi! Would be nice to hear the WHOLE thing one day. Have mercy on Rolando-starved ears!
Hope you enjoyed your Moet (I wonder what your choice of music was)!