Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enter Manrico

Marcelino Álvarez is on the cover of the February issue of Opera News and is also interviewed by Barry Singer.

On Licitra´s withdrawal "for personal reasons" from the Met's Trovatore:

"Was it his decision or the Met's decision? I don't know. It is not my concern. The Met called me and said "Licitra is not in this anymore, there is no contract with him - are you interested? And I said yes. Sometimes it happens the other way around-sometimes I cancel and my friends go and sing for me. This is very normal. I much prefer that my friends sing for me than my enemies"

Enemies? What enemies?

On the first meeting with his first voice teacher:

"...Sing O Sole mio for me he says. I don't know it, I say. I only knew pop tunes! Patricia [his wife] and I both loved Donna Summer. I could have sung anything else for him, but nothing operatic. Still he agreed to give me lessons. And that was it! I sold the business. From then on, I was a singer."

Donna Summer? I feel love (4 Marcelo)!

On La Scala:

"I have never had problems with the opera public," Alvarez insists, sidestepping a report that he once was booed at La Scala. "My problem was with the artistic director. The directorship at La Scala disrespected me. I wouldn't stand for it. If there is agony
backstage, if the work isn't pleasurable, then I don't want to be
part of it. If you're in despair, it's no fun."

Who's in despair now Marcelo? Certainly not you...

"There is a chance I will go back in 2012, maybe in Tosca. But my schedule is so very tight."

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