Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marcelo Alvarez is The Verdi Tenor

Great news for all Marcelo Álvarez fans
(and whoever is not, is probably deaf).

Marcelo's new cd will be out in February.

It's content: Tutto Verdi!

It's title: The Verdi Tenor

It seems that our lyric Marcelo is crossing over to some most dramatic repertoire. After his Manrico, it's time for Radamés at the Royal Opera House!

As maestro Luisotti said recently in an interview:

I'm coming back to do a new production of Aida in 2010 with Marcelo Alvarez making his debut as Radames,' he confirms. 'I think he's going to be marvellous: he's such a wonderful singer and a great human being.

I couldn't agree more!

Find the tracklist of the new cd here

and 'till February...

Listen to Marcelo Alvarez singing Di Quella Pira in Zurich, January 2008


Hariclea said...

Was just going to write to you about that Radames :-) Definitely one Aida to be excited about!! I miss seeing a good performance of it live! Sooo looking forward to it. And definitely an exciting CD, wow the tracklist is impressive indeed! I'll definitely get it.

maria teresa said...

I couldn't see the tracklist!!!! Only "Celeste Aida"....Peccato!!!

Parsifal said...

Y por qué???????????????

maria teresa said...

Cuando voy al enlace pone tracks not available (????)

maria teresa said...

Solucionado!! Que buena pinta tiene!!!

Perro Muerto said...

Has oído el Fa sobreagudo de Albelo en Bolonia?

Parsifal said...

SI ! Estabamos chateando sobre Albelo hace pocos dias. Voy a postear algo sobre los 2 (JDF and Albelo).

Atticus said...

Gracias por la información. Espero ansioso que salga. Marcelo es uno de los grandes tenores verdianos actuales