Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Discothèque Jaroussky

Philippe Jaroussky speaks to BBC Music Magazine
about the discs he has been listening to this month:

"I'm so jealous of mezzo Joyce Di Donato. She has the range I'd like to have! On Furore she can be delicate but also very tragic and dramatic. Her articulation is so precise, her intonation is perfect, the way she projects her voice...everything is amazing."

"Jonas Kaufmann has everything. He is a tenor who can sing very different repertoire with the same integrity and quality. He never shows off, keeps things simple, and his voice is so powerful yet charming."


Mei said...

Good to know... Jaroussky has a wonderful musical taste...!!

I completely agree with him...

derwanderer said...

Have you heard his LAST CD, "Opium", where he sings french "melodies" in sketchy style and in indescriptable melodramatic hysteria? Utterly laughable!
[and music totaly unfit for his -extraordinary- voice, of course]

Anonymous said...

Well I thought OPIUM lived up to its name, completely intoxicating and addictive - and usually I hate "art songs"